Dedicated to the continued advancement of drug and substance influence and impairment training


Substance Influence Training and Education (SITE) Corporation is an organization dedicated to providing the highest level of Substance Influence Recognition training. SITE offers classes in basic and intermediate level substance influence recognition, more advanced classes regarding specific substances such as: designer drugs (Bath Salts, MDMA (Ecstasy), 2C-I, etc.), marijuana and spice, prescription medications, emerging drug trends, and classes regarding individuals with a dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse. While the focus of these classes tends to be law enforcement related, SITE tailors its classes to suit any audience including: law enforcement, military personnel, medical personnel, mental health professionals, social services professionals, private industry, high school - students, parents, teachers, etc. SITE’s instructors provide the utmost in academic presentation while combining the information with practical, real-world applications.